What can you fit in?

Our 20ft x 8ft bamboo floored containers will easily accommodate for most house hold moves.  This will approximately hold a 3 seater sofa, king size bed, single bed, arm chair, washing machine, fridge, small tv, dining table, 4 suit cases, 5 boxes and still have room for more.

Available on site


Bubble Wrap

Purchase what you need on site



If you need more boxes we have some available


A range of tape available


Heavy Duty Storage Box

Available to rent or purchase


Container Racking

Have your container fully equipped


Dust Covers

A range of covers for protection

CALL US TO DISCUSS Long-term rentals

We will always be happy to discuss what we can offer you. Just give us a quick call with a brief overview of how long you require our services and we will work out the best possible price we can.